Get lost in an utopic fantasy world, where a fascination of sub cultures and twisted inspiration sources create the framework for feminine, modern and playful design. The love and excitement for challenging and brave communication of colours and prints surprises in combination with the decadent and elegant form language. New interpretations of classic silhouettes and focus on the small details, combined with a trend-based approach to design development, creates a design expression that is timeless and trendy at the same time. 

Each product gets the deserved attention and love that helps communicate the passion behind each single line, curve and shadow. High quality materials and luxurious processing provides an exclusive expression, which is complemented by playing with and manipulating modern and traditional craft techniques. The core of the Astrid Agerskov brand is created by storytelling - each collection is to be seen as its own tale written with the modern self-assured woman in the leading role.

• storytelling • enchanting •  playful • 
• feminine • colourful • high quality •
• unique print designs • detail oriented •
• elegant and classic silhouettes •
• sub culture inspiration • humoristic •
passionate • trendy and modern •
• experimenting textile designs • 
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